Past Scholars

Past Scholars Degree/Major Research Previous High School/College 
Maria Babakhanyan BS Biological Sciences Dr. Sabine Rech Yerevan State Univ., Armenia
Jordan Baker BA Chemistry Dr. Marc D'Alarcao Modesto Junior College
Maria Bangal BS Biological Sciences Dr. Susan Lambrecht CSU Monterey Bay
Xochilt Borja BS Biological Sciences   Cupertino High School
Victoria Chemistruck BS Chemistry Dr. David Brook Univ. of Connecticut
Caitlin Crowder BA Chemistry Dr. Marc D'Alarcao  Amador Valley High School 
John Diniz Chemistry Dr. Resa Kelly San Jose High School
Kelly Dustin BS Geology Dr. Jonathan Miller West Valley Community College
 Tegan French Meteorology Dr. Craig Clements San Jose City College
Jonathan Grist BS Chemistry Dr. Elaine Collins Dublin High School
Theresa Trevisan BS Chemistry Dr. David Brook West Valley Community College
Thao-Nhi Le BS Chemistry Dr. Elaine Collins Punahou High School, Honolulu
Matthew Little BS Meteorology Dr. Eugene Cordero ITT, Lathrop
Nahal Nassabeh BS Biological Sciences Dr. Marc D'Alarcao Washington High School, Fremont
Oliver Oliverio BS Chemistry Dr. David Brook Notre Dame High School
 Danielle Perryman Biological Sciences Dr. Leslee Parr Pioneer High School
 Katya Polovina BS Biological Sciences Dr. Joshua Mackie Modesto Junior College
Austin Roberts BS Chemistry Dr. Roger Terrill Liberty High School, Brentwood
Daniel Sun BS Chemistry Dr. David Brook Leland High School
Alvin Thai BS Chemistry Dr. Lionel Cheruzel Silver Creek High School
Nicholas Zavalza BS Chemistry Dr. Lionel Cheruzel UC Irvine



Katya Polovina (Microbiology)

Johansen High School, Modesto, CA

Modesto Junior College, Modesto, CA

Katya Polovina


Katya graduated from San Jose State University in May 2011 with a BS degree in Biological Sciences, concentration in Microbiology.  She currently works in the microbiology teaching labs at the University of California, San Francisco.  She is also a professional jazz vocalist.



Lily Thao-Nhi Le (Biochemistry)

Dr. Collins

 Lily Le

Lily is a first generation Vietnamese-American born and raised in Hawai’i.  She completed her BS degree in Chemistry, concentration Biochemistry and is currently in the PhD program at the University of California, Santa Cruz.  Lily was awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship in 2012.




Matthew Little (Meteorology)

Dr. Cordero

Vista High School, Escalon, CA

Matthew Little

Matthew explored many educational opportunities before pursuing a degree in meteorology. Upon enrollment, he was enthusiastic about his education at SJSU, and sought out research opportunities immediately.  In his undergraduate career, he has worked on two research projects at SJSU, and participated in an internship at NASA Ames Research Center.  Matthew has been will be starting the a PhD program at Texas A&M University, where he will be developing a coupled ocean-atmosphere climate model.



Oliver Oliverio (Biochemistry)

Dr. Brook

Notre Dame High School, Riverside, CA

Oliver Oliverio

Oliver began his college education at San Jose State University in 2005.  He began researching for Dr. David Brook in the Department of Chemistry in 2007, and worked with transition metal coordination chemistry with hydrazone ligands.  Oliver graduated from San Jose State in May of 2011 with a B.S. in Chemistry, concentration in Biochemistry, and a minor in Physics.  He is currently in a cell/molecular biology masters program at San Francisco State University researching intron evolution using bioinformatics. 


Victoria Chemistruck (Chemistry)

Dr. Brook

Woodstock Academy, Woodstock, CT

Victoria ChemistruckVictoria began her college education at the University of Connecticut before transferring to San Jose State University during her sophomore year.  Once at SJSU, she began researching for Dr. David Brook in the Department of Chemistry.  In February 2009, she published her first paper in The Journal of Organic Chemistry.  Victoria graduated from SJSU in May of 2010 with a B.S. in Chemistry.  She is currently pursuing a PhD in Materials Chemistry at the University of Minnesota.  Victoria is a NSF Graduate Research Fellow.